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Saturday, August 20th, Crystal Basin Winery, El Camino, 4:30pm - 8:30pm.

Friday, August 26th, Country Club, Loomis, 9pm.

Friday, September 9th, Cold Springs Country Club, Placerville, 6pm - 9pm.

Friday, September 30th, Cante Ah Vino Winery, Rocklin, CA, 7-9pm.

Saturday, October 8th, Country Club, Loomis, 9pm.

Cante Ah Vino Winery, Rocklin, CA New dates announced!

Thursday, November 10, (6-8pm) Private Event

Friday, December 30th, (7-9pm)

Saturday, Feb.4, 2017, (7-9pm)

Friday, Feb 17, 2017, (7-9pm)

Friday, Mar. 24, 2017, (7-9pm)

About the Band:

Artists covered: Miranda Lambert, Gretchen Wilson, Joan Osborne, Alan Jackson, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Keith Anderson, James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Faith Hill, Linda Rondstadt, The Rolling Stones, Dwight Yoakam, Molly Hatchet, Robin Trower, ZZ Top, Skynyrd, Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, No Doubt, Coldplay, Beatles and more....

Venues Played: Helwig Winery, Plymouth; Borjon Winery, Plymouth; Crystal Basin Winery, Apple Hill; Valencia Club, Penryn; Pistol Pete's, Auburn; The Club Car, Auburn; The Cellar, Sutter Creek; El Dorado Saloon, El Dorado Hills; The Brickhouse, Elk Grove; Shingle Springs Community Center Concerts, Shingle Springs; Scott's by the River, Sacramento; Purple Place, El Dorado Hills; Andis Winery, Plymouth; plus private weddings and events!


"The Shingle Springs Community Center concerts continue with an amazing showcase of talent on Saturday, Aug.8 featuring the band Merry Mac..." - Mountain Democrat


Sample Tracks:

Chain of Fools .mp3, B Delux .m4a, Merry Mac Mix .m4a,



                   For the past 3 years, the Merry Mac band has seen its share of creating fun parties, wine events, weddings and club dates around the Sacramento region with no signs of letting up. They are known for playing a really fun mix of classic rock, sultry blues and country cover songs, in addition to acoustic performances, from artists such as Gretchen Wilson, Alan Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Aerosmith, Robin Trower, No Doubt, Carrie Underwood, Santana and more. Originally formed back in 2013, a round of craigslist ads set out by guitarist Adolfo Galindo led to the finding of drummer/vocalist Kevin Madsen, lead vocalist Shaina Kennedy, keyboardist/vocals Ed Denz and on bass, Ben Thompson to round out the group. The original concept of the band was to branch out from just being “another classic rock or country band”, but rather, cover music spanning the decades with anything and everything crowds, young and old can appreciate while maintaining a sense of fun and music edge whenever they’re on stage – and the band’s hard work and effort has paid off.

                   Whenever Merry Mac gets together to rehearse, there’s a lot of joking around and sometimes an“A. D. D” jams session ensues whereupon a group member might start off a Zeppelin riff, everyone joins in, and ultimately the session winds its way around to a Lady Gaga or Journey number. It’s in this process the band explores almost every genre of music, and not just the “top 40” covers, but rather cool “B sides” (for those of us who still remember the old 45rpm vinyls) which no other band gets around to playing these days unless they’re a tribute band of some kind. In addition, the members of Merry Mac enjoys a music camaraderie and friendship while keeping a balance between family, work and performing. Rehearsing truly becomes something the band looks forward to during the week to cut loose, have fun and prepare until the next gig date. Merry Mac first got the its name from an old children’s limerick found in an Aerosmith song titled “Walking the Dog”, and oddly enough, it was the only way vocalist Shaina Kennedy could remember what the song’s real title was since groups like Aerosmith, Boston and Montrose came before her time. Shaina is the youngest member of band and didn’t quite discover classic rock bands until only very recently but has since caught on to other great classic rock groups. Shaina has the unique ability to transcend her vocal abilities to her own style, which can sometimes be described as Linda Rondstadt meeting Aretha Franklin meeting Kelly Clarkson. (try that one for size!) Her parents encouraged singing and performing early on, and while studying law, she used singing as a way to cope with the stresses of college exams and courses. When not rehearsing with the band, Shaina enjoys reading, being with her family and running away from her 2-year old “Barbie addicted” daughter (just kidding). Merry Mac is her first band.

                   Drummer Kevin Madsen is a very experienced musician and has performed with professional club band “The Likes” while living in the Bay Area before settling down in Shingle Springs. An extremely versatile percussionist and vocalist, Mr. Madsen is greatly responsible for keeping the band on steady ground and arranging vocal harmonies, while his counterpart, Mr. Galindo, does just the opposite, as any crazy guitarist armed with a Les Paul and Marshall would. Ed Denz, the band’s keyboardist, is an optometrist by profession and has done session work on piano and keyboards locally and has an incredible talent for quickly organizing a song into its musical and harmonic parts whenever the task for learning new material comes into play. Finally, the most recent addition to the band is bassist Ben Thompson, who is also an experienced player of several well know rock and blues bands in both the Bay Area and Sacramento region and enjoys playing blues and r&b genres. Together, Ben and Kevin lay down a solid and steady grove to get the crowds on their feet and when joined by Shaina, Ed and Adolfo, the band’s magic comes to life!

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